Syed Mamnoon Hussain

  • Pakistans Præsident
  • Født: 1940 Indien
  • Gift
  • Børn: 3
  • Om året: 992.129,00 kr.
  • Om måneden: 82.677,42 kr.
  • Om dagen: 19.079,40 kr.
  • Dag: 3.815,88 kr.
Syed Mamnoon Hussain

Dailypakistan May2017: The pay of the president has been raised from Rs1 million to Rs1.6 million after an increase of Rs 6000,000 allowance per month. AP May 2017: Rejecting the news item appeared in a section of press, the spokesperson said that at present, the President drew monthly salary of Rs 80,000 which made 960,000 per annum. However, in the federal budget 2017-18, his salary has been proposed to be increased from Rs 80,000 to 130,000 per month which would make Rs 1.6 million as President’s total annual salary.


Update: 2018-1